History, Politics, and International Relations

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HistoryThere are two dominant features of the History, Politics, and  International Relations program. First, the program moves students through a carefully considered sequence of required core courses.

Successive courses help strengthen your intellectual skills as well as help you develop empirical knowledge about different historical periods and various national and international issues. In your senior capstone experience, you will define a research project, conduct research, and write a substantial thesis.

Second, our faculty believe strongly in the value of independent research, study abroad, and first-rate internships as transformative experiences for undergraduates.

In recent years, our students have studied in Germany, Austria, England, and Greece. They have held internships at local law offices, the Office of the Chester County Commissioners, the Juvenile Parole Office of Chester County, the Valley Forge National Historical Park, the Foreign Policy Research Institute, the Archaeological Museum of the University of Pennsylvania, the Narcotics Division of the Office of the District Attorney in Philadelphia, and the Smithsonian Institution. 


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If you have any questions, please contact Dr. William Watson.


Successful Graduates

Theresa Connelly, Service teaching at a Reservation school in South Dakota

Patricia Waters, Secondary Education Certification

Nicole Newton, J.D., Villanova University

Ellen J. Loll, Archivist, Smithsonian Institution Washington, DC

Kristen K. Bray, J.D., Villanova University, 2005; Assistant City Solicitor in the Mayor John F. Street Honors Attorney Program with the Philadelphia City Solicitor's office

Earl Schandelmeier, Middle school history teacher and author

Huyen B. Ta, Public Programs Demonstrator National Constitution Center

Anna Besch, M.A. in Philosophy, Boston College 2008; Teaching Assistant, Boston College Research Assistant to the Fitzgibbons Chair, Boston College

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