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Spirituality under the Dome

Spirituality Under the Dome, held on the Immaculata University campus, is for people who seek or wish to deepen a relationship with God in their 21st century lives.  Spirituality Under the Dome seeks to provide presenters as a way of nourishing and supporting people’s expressed desire to live in meaningful relationship with God and neighbor. All are invited to slow down and move about the grounds, unearthing deeper yearnings of the heart under the dome at Immaculata University. 

9th Annual Spirituality Day: April 11, 2015

Morning only event this year, 8:30 a.m. to noon. Register now.

Keynote Address:

"Mercy in the City: Doing God’s Work at Ungodly Hours"

Kerry Weber

We are called to lives that incorporate prayer and service, and sometimes that means early mornings, late nights, or long hours. America’s managing editor Kerry Weber discusses her efforts to participate fully in city life and in the life of the Church while still maintaining her sanity. Drawing upon her new book, Mercy in the City, she will offer her thoughts on how she tries to balance breadlines and deadlines, and how she finds a moment’s rest in the city that never sleeps.

Kerry Weber, Spirituality DayAbout the Speaker:

Kerry Weber is the managing editor of America, a national, Catholic, weekly magazine, published by the Jesuits. A graduate of Providence College and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, she has also worked as an editor for Catholic Digest and as a special education teacher on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. Kerry has earned several awards from the Catholic Press Association, and was a recipient of Catholic Relief Services’ Egan Journalism Fellowship recognizing excellence in reporting for Catholic media. She also appears as a co-host on “America This Week,” a weekly radio program on Sirius XM. She is the author, most recently, of Mercy in the City: How to Feed the Hungry, Give Drink to the Thirsty, Visit the Imprisoned, and Keep Your Day Job.


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