Faculty & Staff

You are in a unique position to help students understand the importance of learning more about themselves and the working world outside of the classroom. Employers are looking for candidates who take initiative, who can plan, organize, and prioritize, and who have skills in leadership, teamwork, communication, decision-making and problem-solving.  

The Office of Career Development is here to collaborate and provide you with information, programming, and resources to assist you with offering students opportunities to apply their classroom learning to the real world. Please support your students' holistic development, and encourage them to…

  • Schedule an appointment with the Office of Career Development early to learn about the services and resources.
  • Explore their skills, interests, abilities, values, and strengths.
  • Get involved with various organizations and activities.
  • Obtain a summer job or internship to gain career-related experience.

You too can get involved with Career Development. Perhaps you can provide students with information relating to a profession they are interested in.

Request a Workshop or Presentation 
Take advantage of having a career development professional come and speak to your class regarding a variety of career-related topics. Some examples include:

  • Introduction and overview of our services and resources
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Job and Internship Searches
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Networking

Contact Rachael Schafer, Assistant Director of Career Development, at (610) 647-4400, ext. 3510 or rschafer@immaculata.edu if you are interested in having a staff member present in your class.


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