What our students and alumni say

Student testimonials

“I chose IU Online because I needed a degree program that was flexible with my work schedule so that I could achieve a bachelor’s degree to brighten my future.” —Awais Farooq ’13, B.A. in Human Performance Management

Business Administration studentWalter Kole
Business Administration

“Taking the first step to complete my degree was intimidating, but that feeling was quickly replaced with a rewarding experience at IU.” —Walter Kole, current student in Business Administration

“I have been in college for seven years now. Throughout the journey, I have been a full-time assistant manager for Wawa, a full-time student, an American homeowner and a father. Jumbling through all the daily tasks and arranging schedules to make it all work is not always possible. My advisor has guided me and bent over backwards to find ways for me to participate in all necessary courses. I have built many friendships that will never be forgotten, while also obtaining valuable business training and learning many life lessons.” —Zach Masciantonio ’14, B.S. in Business Management

“I was wondering if I could do it. I had never typed a paper in my life. Immaculata, with their unbelievable, strong teachers and superb academic support, is with you every step of the way. You can do it.” —Sue Watson ’10 R.N. to B.S.N., ’13 M.S.N.

Successful studentJonathan Petit-Homme
Accounting and Economics

“Immaculata University is helping me to achieve my goals. My advisor takes a personal interest in me and has helped me to map out an individualized plan.” —Jonathan Petit-Homme, current student in Accounting and Economics

“Immaculata University’s College of LifeLong Learning has allowed me to become the person I have always wanted to be—a B.S.N.-prepared R.N. who practices nursing in a holistic manner. The religion and philosophy classes have expanded my knowledge and faith. The holistic nursing courses, which are the center of the nursing program, have taught me how to better care for my patient and myself. IU has challenged me to become the person that has always been inside, a woman of faith, courage, and strength, and a woman who will now pursue her master’s in nursing.” —Robin Sheeran, R.N. to B.S.N.

“To me, my Immaculata education is an opportunity. An opportunity to show people what I am truly capable of. I was born with a rare genetic condition call Barth’s Syndrome. When I graduate in the summer of 2014, I will be only the third affected individual to earn a bachelor’s degree. As I continued on as a Communication major, I began to see how my education would allow me to help the foundation that supports those of us affected by Barth’s Syndrome. Through learning about topics such as grant writing, social media usage and public relations I am better able to be a voice for the foundation whenever they need me. Thanks to Immaculata, I have been able to show what those affected by Barth’s Syndrome are capable of.” —Kevin Baffa ’14, B.A. in Communication

Human Performance Management majorJackie Gaitens
Human Performance Management

“When I started my journey at Immaculata, I was scared, nervous, and anxious because I thought I wasn’t college material.  When applying, I was surprised to learn that I could earn college credit for the trainings I completed at my company! Between the trainings I accomplished at my employer and the knowledge I gained at Immaculata, I was able to graduate with honors. I am proud and honored to be an alumna of a school that encourages and believes in adult students.” —Jackie Gaitens ’13, B.A. in Human Performance Management

Adult student in biologyShaina Robbins

“Immaculata has helped me build my path for the future and allowed me to see the great opportunities that lie ahead. The staff at Immaculata are so friendly and caring; it makes school feel like home away from home.” —Shaina Robbins ’13, B.A. in Biology

“Starting the program at 44 years old, I was afraid that I would not be able to keep up, or that I was missing some all-important information that I would need to be successful in the program. In reality, the only thing that I found that could hold me back was myself and my fears. The professors had diverse backgrounds and were experts in the fields in which they taught us. Their knowledge was vast and their experiences helped relate the true meanings behind the courses. The professors were also available for additional questions we had or thoughts on the class we wanted to run by them. The courses that were part of the curriculum fit into the business world that we deal with on an everyday basis, and true value was taken from each course. The guidance department has been of great assistance to me on my way. Every time I had questions about courses and the direction I needed to go, they were there to point me in the right direction. Immaculata University has filled a void in my life, and I am truly thankful that they have been able to help me with one of my life goals.” —Michael Miller ’13, B.A. in Organizational Dynamics