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Stress Reduction and Healing Through Imagery for Better Work and Life

Guided imagery is an effective tool to develop an “inner support system” and to facilitate relaxation and natural healing and coping abilities. In this workshop, participants learn how to combine breathing, relaxation, and interactive imagery to cope with specific challenges of daily stress including work stress, fatigue, insomnia, muscle tension, and reactivity. Participants will be able to solve problems utilizing a more relaxed, focused state of mind, and they will acquire skills that promote improved immune functioning. This workshop includes a review of imagery and relation theory and techniques and guided exercises. Comfortable loose clothing is recommended.

Instructor: Miriam Franco, LCSW, Psy.D.

History of Pennsylvania Prisons

This survey of corrections in PA begins with Walnut Street Jail and includes the experiment of solitary confinement and forms of punishment in today's modern penal institutions.  A tour of the historic Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia is part of the course.

Instructor: Judge John Anthony, M.S.S.

Perspectives on Terrorism

This course examines how terrorism undermines U.S. and international security.  It explores the threat of terrorism and the U.S. Special Operation's response to this threat.  Case studies include personal experiences from military deployments throughout the 90s as well as the war in Iraq.

Instructor: M. Cleary

Impact of Chronic Illness on the Family

Physical illness impacts far more people than the person with the actual diagnosis.  The effect on loved ones can be challenging, yet the medical community too often overlooks this reality.  In this class, students explore the impact of physical illness on the ill individual and on family members.  Students discuss common emotional reactions to illness and explore a variety of psychosocial strategies for supporting families impacted by chronic illness.

Instructor: Lara Krawchuk, M.S.W.

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